Tabby cats are known for their beautiful coat pattern, marked by swirls, stripes, and dots. The tabby color does appear in some particular breeds quite often, though. Maine Coons can be found in classic tabby, stripped, or patched tabby pattern. However, tabby is not the name of any cat breed. Tabby cats often have a distinctive M-shaped marking on their foreheads, and the myths and legends around that M-shape are as varied and interesting as cats themselves. The tabby cat is not a breed, but a coat colour which can be found in both mixed breed and purebred cat populations. The tabby pattern may occur among any number of breeds of purebred cats, and of course, among mixed breeds and un-registered house cats as well. The brown tabby pattern is so common in this breed that many people don’t realize that the Main Coon comes in other colors. Know more about tabby cats and their coat pattern, through this article. Instead, it is a type of coat pattern. The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds and probably the most popular pedigree tabby cat. Tabbies may come in all shapes and sizes, and many cat breeds include a tabby variation along with solid color variations. The tabby gene is known as agouti and produces a background which is made up of individual hairs that have alternate banding (ticking).