Note that you can always maintain a certain maximum number of Spies in your empire, similarly to Traders. Spy definition, a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, usually hostile, country, especially with reference to military or naval affairs. Espionage becomes possible in the Renaissance Era, thanks to Civics development. History & Culture. Women's History Important Figures History Of Feminism Key Events Women's Suffrage Women & War Laws & Womens Rights Feminism & Pop Culture Feminist Texts American History African … Ann Ronan Pictures / Print Collector / Getty Images. Espionage Mechanics Edit. Female Spies in World War I and World War II Women Undercover. So far, no birds of prey have been used as spies (that we know of), but that didn't stop Saudi Arabia from accusing the Israeli government of sending a vulture to spy on them after residents found an endangered griffon vulture with a transmitter and a Tel Aviv University leg bracelet. In August 2015, an electrical engineering student in Chicago sent an email to a Chinese national titled "Midterm test questions." See more. Share Flipboard Email Print World War I spy Edith Cavell, circa 1915. The Diplomatic Service Civic allows you to train your first Spy, and subsequent Civics (and the Computers tech) will allow you to maintain more than one.

A spy, or secret agent, was an individual who engaged in clandestine observation or acquisition of sensitive intelligence regarding a person or organization or other target of interest, usually for political, military or financial benefit.