Explain why this is an interesting simile for hamlet to use.

Hamlet. There are numerous examples of figurative language in Hamlet but here are just a few of them.

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He feels like he is invincible like the mythical lion When hamlet decides the follow the ghost, he says that "each petty artery" in his body is as hardy as the Nemean Lion's nerve".

The complete text of Hamlet with This seems to be the meaning of the text, if genuine; but no example of writ Shakespeare's Metaphors and Similes, In the following pages I will cite some examples of Shakespeare’s use of metaphor in the first three Acts of Hamlet. A script reading and annotation, a film analyis, an embedded comparative film Prezi analysis, a critical essay, character-inspired songs, a Rorschach inkblot activity, a film director activity, and speed trivia are among the various strategies that I have
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Some types of figurative language include metaphor, simile, allusion, imagery, and puns. and find homework help for other Hamlet questions at eNotes

series editors: w. geiger ellis, ed.d., university of georgia, emeritus and arthea j. s. reed, ph.d., university of north carolina, retired a teacher’s guide to the signet classic edition of william shakespeare’s hamlet by patti c. mcwhorter, cedar shoals high school, athens, ga Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Hamlet and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. A summary of Motifs in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. and find homework help for other Hamlet questions at eNotes Hamlet Act V Scene 1 &II by Rayya Bodley on Prezi Act 2 of Hamlet Scribd.