Aku: Useless bounty hunters! Directed by Randy Myers, Genndy Tartakovsky. No fighting style can defeat his. With Phil LaMarr, Mako, Tom Kenny, Kevin Michael Richardson. He was created by Aku to see if he could defeat Samurai Jack using his own skills against him. Like Jack, he was voiced by Phil LaMarr. You're mine! Despite a reward of Two Googooplex on his head, no bounty hunter has been able to defeat Samurai Jack, therefore Aku creates an evenly matched mirror image of Jack to battle him. Samurai Jack Season 1 Episode 8: VIII: Jack Vs. Mad Jack Summary: Aku places a bounty on Jack's head, but is disappointed by the failure of some inept hunters, so he creates an evil spirit-clone version of Jack to finish our hero off for good. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Jack: If you are me, then who am I? Samurai Jack was inspired by Tartakovsky's enjoyment of the Kung Fu televised drama starring David Carradine as well … Samurai Jack is an American action-adventure animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network.Tartakovsky conceived Samurai Jack after finishing his work on his first Cartoon Network original series, Dexter's Laboratory, which premiered in 1996. Watch Queue Queue. What sorcery is this? He has all the powers and abilities of Jack, but none of the restraint. Monkar : Samurai Jack! I'm you.

Jack vs. Mad Jack Angered by the failure of his bounty hunters and mercenaries to defeat Jack, Aku uses the samurai’s inner darkness to create an evil clone whose sole purpose is to … Mad Jack: You're so stupid. . Jack's conscience, also known as Inner Jack, is a recurring character in the fifth Season of Samurai Jack, which is revealed to be the return of Mad Jack, who manifested himself as "Anguish", "Bloodlust", and "Apathy" in order to haunt Jack. Mad Jack is a major antagonist in the Samurai Jack series. Jack: Who else wants some?!

Mad Jack: Don't be such a fool. Who are you? You are you also. Is there no fighting style that can defeat his? Yes.