Help with Sourdough Starter -- Failed the Float Test Stage Dear Food52, I tried your sourdough starter tutorial twice.

Watch Queue Queue. Loading... Close. sourdough starter float test. My question is should I wait for it to fall before feeding again. Would you be able to tell me what I did wrong? (3) See answer #1. All went well until the third feeding and float test. Question for you regarding the float test…..when I drop a bit of the starter into the water, some of it floats, and some sinks to the bottom. I created a starter from scratch a few weeks ago. As you can see it has nice bubbles, it hasn't got a crust stopping it from falling. And does it need to continue floating, because it seems like after a bit, the floaters eventually sink. Looking for the easiest sourdough starter recipe? Then look at this! Once I did that it was fine. Search. and that’s been sufficient as I refresh daily. Check your starter jar/bowl for a tell tale ring of flour goo where the starter has risen, left its impression and fallen. The starter rises slowly after feeding but doesn't seem to fall. Starting not falling or floating JeanetteAnne 2017 April 20. sourdough starter float test. I've been searching everywhere for an answer to my problem. Once your starter is well-established you can cull larger than a 50% portion of it for use in recipes if needed but don't go too crazy while it's young and vulnerable. This video is unavailable.

The second time I did a fourth feed and float test again without success.

Skip navigation Sign in. I also have a rye starter that I make with home ground rye. I thought mine wasn’t active enough until I increased the hydration to 50% at a min (I keep a relatively stiff wheat starter). Watch Queue Queue. Hello . I actually very rarely use the float test, just look for bubbles etc. Should all of it float? The starter separated, became thin and did not float.