Everyone makes mistakes. Even the most seasoned RVers occasionally forget to bring in the awning or properly latch the pantry. Our Ultimate RV Buyer’s Guide is outfitted to help you in the research process to make it simpler, faster, and ensure that your RV ends up being exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, some RV mistakes are more costly and dangerous than others. So, you should consider it as an investment to do twice as much work when researching. In an effort to help you prevent costly repairs or unpleasant experiences, we have compiled a list of 10 RV mistakes you need to avoid. Before buying that recreational vehicle, usually with a bank loan you'll need to pay back over as many as 20 years, be aware of all the maintenance worries, secondary costs, and design concerns that can make an RV seem more like a burden and less like an escape. … 3.

Buying an RV is that mid-way point between buying a car and a house.