The dock had been electrified by Ruth after she deduced from Russ' odd behavior that her uncles would be attempting to murder Marty Byrde and skipping town. Ruth’s Most Iconic Lines on Ozark - Duration: 4:06. Ruth holds her father at gunpoint until Charlotte can get in her car and Ruth drives them to the safety of the Byrde home. What was it about Russ's profile that led Roy to think he might be a good honeypot target?

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Ruth has a nasty temper, and can get violent if provoked, such as when she assaulted Frank Cosgrove Jr because he kept harassing her or when she pulled a gun on Russ and Boyd for buying bobcats to sell (this could be justified, as it was her money they used to buy the cats).

death Russ is electrocuted alongside Boyd outside of the Blue Cat Lodge . Roy develops a romantic and sexual relationship with Russ Langmore. EDIT1: I should have mentioned that I've only finished the first 5 episodes.

Ruth electrocutes her uncles Russ and Boyd.

Desperate for Marty Byrde's money, Cade assaultsCharlotte at the Langmore homestead while she is speaking with Three. Death.

4:57. Ozark - Russ Langmore’s Death - Season 1 Episode 9 - Duration: 4:57. After Roy sees Ruth Langmore go to Marty's office in episode 3 4, he researches her family on an FBI directory. Ruth is quick to catch on that Russ is a "rat" and kills him.

Though this ended after the death of her boyfriend and Wendy's brother Ben.

Season 1, Episode 9 Once Ruth had sniffed out that her Uncle Russ had turned informant for the FBI after a … However, Roy eventually turns on him, using Russ' sexuality as leverage to force him to become an informant.