That’s why we’ve designed communication and collaboration apps specifically around retail needs. Examples could be personalised email newsletters, contests, surveys, advertising and so forth. Usually the purpose is to increase sales, build the customer base or to raise brand awareness. It's a big reason why people return to a store again and again. Direct, valuable communication is possible with the mobile app, regardless of where they are at the moment (at home or on location, for example). Creating a customer brand is what retail has always been about. Using an app for payments allows you to accept customer transactions from anywhere, with any major credit card.

To learn more about how MangoApps helps retail clients or improving retail communication, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today. Creating a positive employer brand is the first step toward creating a positive customer brand, and an employee app for retail …

Easily align your teams, boost store execution and create a seamless customer journey. Square Point of Sale (pictured) Square’s free POS app is a hyperintelligent system built specifically for small businesses.
Retail or Brand communication is that which occurs between the retailer and the end-customer. Retail Zipline bring your store communication into one place so that you can stay on top of your business on the go. Slack. One app to manage all in-store execution, from visual merchandising to store operations. But the same goes for your employees.
Retail Zipline integrates messages, task management, and document accessibility to fit the fast-paced work environment many retail workers experience. To access Slack, first, you need to join the team or to create one. The app is personalized for the communication needs of the employees on the retail floor who are not sitting behind a computer all day. In a personal environment, relevant, specific information can be shared about current developments (for example linked to the location or department).

Slack is everyone's favorite tool for real-time (chat) team communication and a superstar app. We're presenting 15 great apps that will help you manage effective internal communication and keep your team in the loop. 6. Mobile-first retail task management and communication software.

With a quick and easy way to see what needs to get done every day, and read all of the messages being sent from HQ, you'll have more time to focus on driving brand growth and making customers happy.

Streamline retail communications and tasks with Zipline. The best retail apps for payments.