You want a name and a face and a story.

A shaft of sunlight highlighted the sea of dust between them.

I do not want to relapse- I have been good for almost 5 months and I don't want to throw that away. These powerful morning prayers are great tools you can use on a daily basis to get a refreshing start of the day. Through my prayers & meditation I ask especially for Freedom from self-will, rationalization, & wishful thinking. If you set your mind to positive thoughts right after waking up, a great day will follow. Please help me find strength to get through feelings of restlessness, boredom, anxiety. It is intellectually dishonest to even attempt to answer a hypothetical question of psychological motives of real living beings. Unlocking the Power of Prayer By ... and praying to a higher power is based on the belief that there is something greater than one’s everyday life and stressors. Higher Power, as I understand You, I pray to keep my connection with You Open & clear from the confusion of daily life. "Who we're praying to and what good it's supposed to do. I understand that. That sort of thing."

You want to know if we're praying to a him or a her or something else altogether. I pray for the guidance of correct thought & positive action. Your will Higher Power, not mine, be done. "You want a name," she said.

Thoughts on prayer and a higher power "Figure it out yet?

By hypothetical I mean that there is no source or reference presented for the very premise of the question. he asked. "What?" Newcomers to Recovery - Praying to a Higher Power - God, please help me deal with these cravings and struggles.