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It is prolific (produce 16 – 17 piglets per farrow) and good meat and carcass quality. **A hog may not possess more than one (1) solid black leg and be determined as a Poland China. It is the oldest American breed of swine. In China, the top global pork consumer, the disease has been devastating. Swine news; Articles; Abstracts; Company news; Pig prices. Pork production and trade. Poland China hogs are typically red, sometimes with orange patches. Must possess Poland China Breed characteristics. The Poland China is a breed of domestic pig, first bred in the Miami Valley, Ohio, United States, in 1816, deriving from many breeds including the Berkshire and Hampshire. **Tail docking is permissible. In the early 1800s, Poland China hogs originated in Ohio. Breed Characteristics: Poland China pig is black in colour with white patches on face, feet and snout. Male Poland China pigs weigh between 600 and 900 pounds. Female Poland China pigs weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.
Poland China. It has large body size and floppy ears. News of the pig market and the raw materials. They’re long, lean pigs with large jowls; short, upturned snouts; and semi-lopped ears that turn toward the eyes. **An occasional splash of white on the body is permissible. Poland China. The exact number of hog deaths is not known. Today, Poland China hogs are known for their large frame, length of body, leanness and muscle. They also are excellent feeders, gaining well under good care and management.

Hog farmers in Ohio’s Butler and Warren Counties developed Poland Chinas in the 1880s.

The latest slaughter pig prices in the most important pig markets. China lost up to 100 million pigs to the virus according to government figures and, combined with culling, lost up to 60 percent of its pig population according to official figures cited … 13. Must be black with six white points (face, feet and switch). It is also a good converter of feed to meat and attains maturity early. It has strong bone and well-developed legs and feet. They also are quiet in their disposition. The Poland China is a breed of domestic pig, first bred in the Miami Valley, Ohio, US, in 1998 and is the oldest American breed of swine. The Poland China hog was first bred on the Hankinson Farm in Blue Ball, Warren County, Ohio. Like Berkshires, Poland Chinas are black with white snouts, boots and tips on their tails.
Check the evolution of the historical prices in charts and in several currencies. Must be ear notched within 7 days of birth.