In what may be a surprise to many music fans, the new album by the beloved hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper, “The New Day,” was edged out of the No. He admitted that his early music sounded "too much" like Eminem, and that is why he has tried to evolve his sound. Upvote +3 Downvote. You want someone who’s gonna deal with real problems and talk about personal hurt he’s the guy. DeadGeniusOfficial. Yeah I don't really hear Eminem at all besides the production. He said he found his voice in the past three years or so by listening to more than just hip-hop. Recovery was Eminem’s huge come back into relevance after mixed reviews of Relapse. NF sounds like Eminem only the first time you listen to him As time goes, the longer you listen to NF, he sounds less and less similar to Eminem. 1 … It … NF said everyone has their influences and it is often easy to tell in the music. For example, I think "Outro" (of Perception) is the most "Eminem-y" voice of his. The album that featured smash hit “Not Afraid” did cause a slew of similar-sounding fast flow aggressive rappers. NF is real.

A few years later, enter NF. That being said, enjoyed it but it's a little too pop sounding for me. For so long he was only focused on rap music. Lyrically way different, voice very different as well. His biggest criticism is he sounds like Eminem.