Marketed under Marlin-Glenfield and other brand names, it typically had a non-checkered walnut stained beech stock set, but still sports the 336 receiver and micro-groove barrel. I bought one last year for a very low price, in near new condition. marlin 39 a 22s,l,lr lever action rifle c&r o k on this one made 1963 serial number w4051 99% condition due use minute handleing marks on wood $999.99 **** …
A true sleeper in value. The millions of Marlins in America's gunracks are the greatest vote of confidence we could ever receive. Find Your Rifle Model -Model 1895 (Big Bore) -Model 336 -Model 1894 -XT Series -Model 60 -Model 795 Cartridge 17 HMR 22 S 22 L 22 LR 22 WMR 30-30 Win 35 Remington 357 38 Spl 410 44 Rem Mag 44 S&W Special 44 Magnum 45 Colt 45-70 Gov't 357 Mag
Signing up is free. I was looking for the serial number, but could not find it. I am going to use it as a backup for hunting season this year and would like to modify it this coming winter. You must be a member to post in Levergun Scoundrels. I even have 3 Winchesters and one Henry. lever action rifle, dated to 1988.This rifle features the classic, tested and proven 336 lever action mechanism, with a fine blued finish and smooth walnut furniture. I have an old Marlin 30AS. I have a Marlin 30AS 30-30 (I believe purchased in 1985 or 1986) that I purchased from a friend a couple of years ago.

PPL who complain about most likely don't have any experience with them or they are going on what someone else told them. I put this over at TFL as well. I happen to have one in my collection, I have 7 Marlins of various calibers and love everyone of them. It shoots pretty well (I haven't shot it all that much). Thanks. Marlin 30AS.30-30 20" Barrel Lever Action Rifle, Blued Finish, 1988mfg w/Scope ***SOLD*** Description: ***SOLD*** Marlin 30AS .30-30 Win. Marlin model 30AS Heck, I would buy em all if I could afford them. Marlin 30AS Mods.

Marlin Model 30AS is the low budget version of the 336. For 150 years, it's been your passion that's driven us to build the best lever action rifles we know how.