It has been swept by six tsunamis in 150 years. However, the wave uprooted millions of trees and swept them away.

None, however, topped the 1958 event, which produced a wave 524 metres (1720 feet) high.

This great tsunami reached 1720 feet, which is more than half a kilometerhigh – scientists often regard it as the tallest tsunami ever recorded in history. The Icy Bay landslide on October 17, 2015 was larger than the amount of rock and soil that slid at Lituya Bay, but the Lituya Bay wave was larger because it fell from a higher elevation into deeper water. At the head of Lituya Bay, Alaska, on July 10, 1958, an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 triggered a gigantic rock fall, later estimated as measuring forty million cubic yards, at the headland of the bay and a resultant 1,700-foot-high tsunami wave because of the water that was displaced. There have probably been even BIGGER waves that have happened in the past when human witnesses didn't even exist. Get Your Degree! THE LARGEST WAVE IN MODERN HISTORY (LITUYA BAY, ALASKA, USA – 1958) Prior to the 1958 earthquake that put megatsunamis in the public consciousness, Lituya Bay – first explored (by Europeans) in 1786 – had a known history of megatsunamis.

We say that the tsunami at Lituya Bay was the biggest wave ever, but that's just the ones humans have witnessed and have been able to record.

Wildest Alaska: Journeys of Great Peril in Lituya Bay And you never know, there may even be a bigger wave to happen yet! This was the largest earthquake in Alaska since the quake in Yakutat, near Lituya Bay, in 1899. Lituya Bay, Alaska, 1958 –The tsunami in Lituya Bay is one of the most famous in the world. From Wikipedia: Lituya Bay, Alaska’s “Tsunami Alley” Lituya Bay, seven miles long and two miles wide, is situated on the Fairweather coast of Alaska, and is the first inlet north of Icy Strait and Glacier Bay, providing the only secure anchorage for more than 100 miles in the Gulf of Alaska between Icy Strait and Yakutat. Despite its incomparable height, it only resulted in five fatalities. Lituya bay na Aljašce šokovala vědce 1. července 2017, 07:09 — Autor: -sas / EuroZprá Když se řekne tsunami, většina si pravděpodobně vybaví ničivou … World's Tallest Tsunami A well-illustrated article at