I also have available to me reloader 22, 17. 08-16-2014, 16:36. 140 tsx and imr 7828 for .270 win? Tags: None. Anyone used this before? 1/2 moa in two of my hunting rifles (Win Mod 70 SG and Ruger Hawkeye). For an elk/grizzly load in the Winchester cases, try the 160-grain Nosler Partition on top of 56 grains of IMR 7828 for about 2800 fps and very mild pressure.

The fastest 130 grain load I've found and used in the 270 is with IMR 7828 SSC.

ALL Hodgdon BL-C(2) Hodgdon H1000 Hodgdon H414 Hodgdon H4350 Hodgdon H4831 Hodgdon H4895 Hodgdon Hybrid 100V Hodgdon Retumbo Hodgdon Varget Improved Military Rifle IMR 3031 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4064 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4320 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4350 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4451 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4831 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4895 …

I've killed whitetails with my 270 using SGK, Hornady Interlock, Nosler BT & Partitions, Speer Hot-Cor & Grand Slam, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, W-W Silvertips and probably some others that aren't coming to mind, mostly in 130 or 140 grain weight. IMR 4320 45.0 * MAX.

Member. With the heavier pills such as 150s+ then I think you should start with H4831 and work up through 7828 and H1000. 2818 43.0 2723 41.0 2628 Viht N165 54.0 MAX. gun) Anything in the 4350 to 4831 burn rate works well with the 130s and 140s. 60g of H4831 with a WLR produces 1/2" groups in my rifle with the 130g Hornady flat base, and all of the above loads were with Win brass. My Rem Sendero prefers H4831. My go to 270 Win load for 130gr Sierra GameKing is 55 gr IMR 4350, Win brass, and CCI 200 primers .010" off. 08-16-2014, 17:56. Imr 4064 and 4350 and h4831 sigpic Release Lake Trout. Join Date: Jun 2008; Posts: 4432; Share Tweet #2. 2842 52.0 2752 50.0 * 2662 IMR 7828 57.5 MAX.

Their ballisticians tested the same powder charge (43.2 grains) using the same bullet (143-grain FMJ) loaded in the 308 Winchester - they used IMR 4350 performance as a reference. 323. PM me if you want the actual recipe.

Also in several other rifles, liked 55.5g of IMR 4350 with the 130's, in particular the 130g SST.

2862 ... 270 Winchester - 150 grain Versio n 8.3 24" Shilen Accu B o nd ® Long Range 0.591 ... 270-Win-150gr-version-8-0 Created Date: The IMR 4831 use to do really well in it, but it is a little temp sensitive. Using several 270's 58.0g of R#22 with the 130g bullet will shoot very small groups with several types of primers, I use Fed 210's and WLR. In my friend’s pre-64 Winchester, these two loads shot to the same point of aim at 100 yards, a handy fact if …