The complaint letter should be written in formal business style.

The Officer (mention her name) Name of the office (or Branch name) Address. If you have attempted to resolve the conflict through …

Keep in mind; one of the best ways to deal with a difficult co-worker is to talk with that co-worker. If this isn’t an option due to safety, simply begin with writing a letter. Complaint letters are letters written to a certain authority to address an unacceptable or unsatisfactory behavior or situation. Always try to resolve conflicts in person before appealing to a supervisor in a letter. A formal complaint letter is one of the means of communication to the concerned authorities and voice your issues. 1. Be sure to document the conflict well, and try to confront the person (as long as there is no immediate danger) before writing a letter. The complaint can be about the issues faced after buying a new product, taking service from an organization and so on. Steps To Writing A Formal Complaint Letter. Unless circumstances are extremely dire, it is usually best to write a formal complaint letter only when requested. Basically, complaint letters are used to raise concerns about unfair doings and seek a productive outcome. Write your letter to HR. Always try to resolve the conflict amicably before proceeding to a formal complaint letter. To do this with a complaint letter, first define the problem. A formal complaint letter is a letter which is written in a formal way to complaint about any serious matter. This is where we come in to help, check out the samples & examples of the formal letter against a person shared here. I am writing this letter to bring in your notice a conflict between me and (name of the person)working in the sales department. That person could be your co-worker, a colleague, boss, maybe a friend or family member, etc. Complaint letter against a co-worker who has been having unethical approach . In addition to alerting HR to the problem, your letter provides a record of your complaint. Using the form you were given, or a template or sample that you obtained from the Internet, write a clear and concise letter to HR.

It would be better if you attach any evidence with the letter if you have against that co-worker.

Click here to view a sample complaint letter about a coworker to hand in to your boss. When you define the problem, detail how your co-worker’s behavior is affecting … Begin the letter by writing something like, “I’m writing this letter to report a conflict I am currently having with employee, Jane Watkins.” Continue writing something like, “Because of several incidents that have occurred between her and me, I feel that it is time to make an official complaint.

Dealing with such a situation is not easy when you don’t know the process of writing a formal complaint letter. Continue reading They are used to address any offense, wrongdoing, grievance, or resentment arising out of products or services. Sending a complaint letter to HR is an important step in documenting a serious workplace issue. However, if your co-worker has a volatile personality, you may have more success by writing a complaint letter to your boss. The purpose of writing the letter should also be mentioned in the letter at the start so that the reader can understand it well. About the Author.

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If the action of the co-worker against which you are complaining has taken place several times, then do mention all the dates on which they took place. Date. State the problem briefly. Your complaint is more likely to get the attention it deserves if you briefly state the facts and carefully proofread your letter for factual, spelling and grammatical errors. It can also include grievance against another individual or certain circumstance in workplace, home-front and so on.