email. One is powered by a petroleum product called lighter fluid. Sodium acetate is simply a form of salt.

How Hand Warmers Work. The solution is ‘super-saturated’, which means it has been heated to dissolve more sodium acetate.

These are also a chemical reaction, and they can be heated up to return them to usability. tweet. They then work by pressing the metal disc. There are also some which use a semi liquid chemical in a plastic container with a metal disc inside. To heat the bag up you manipulate the disc in the liquid, the liquid becomes cloudy and produces heat. Types of Hand Warmers. When you flex the disc the gel becomes crystalized and warm. This ability to produce heat for a period of time is accomplished because …

These chemical reactions work to produce an exothermic release of heat, but do so through very different methods. Usually, they’re a plastic pouch filled with water and sodium acetate, a cool chemical that is held in the pouch as a liquid that would much rather be a far warmer solid.
Both the physical change in a reusable warmer and the chemical reaction in a disposable warmer are examples of exothermic processes. Author: Julia Greenberg Julia Greenberg. 2. The packets of chemicals produce heat from oxidizing iron into iron oxide (Fe 2 O 3 ) or rust . share. Basically, hand warmers use a solution of water and another substance, like sodium acetate.The latter raises the freezing temperature of the solution. comment. Another is an exothermic chemical reaction between air and iron filings. In this instance, sodium acetate freezes at 54 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit) but can exist as a supercool liquid with water at a much lower temperature until the crystallization (or freezing) process is initiated. How do rechargeable hand warmers work?

When the metal disk is bent, the seed crystals trigger the solidification process and the solution starts to harden. How do handwarmers work? But this also means the hand-warmer would stop working if no seed crystals get stored in the metal disk during the recharging step. Hand warmers: Inside the sealed plastic of our instant heat packs, or hand warmers is a liquid called sodium acetate. These heat pads are extremely cool to watch. Depending on what hand warmers you have got they have instructions on them.
How Air Activated Hand Warmers Work Air-activated hand warmers are long-lasting chemical hand warmers that start working as soon as you unseal the packaging, exposing it to oxygen in the air.

There is also a circular metal disc in the sealed bag.

1. 12.26.14; 06:30 am; The Chemical Reactions That Make Hand … To prepare the warmer for another session is easy. When it comes to hand warmers, there are two types of chemical reactions used to generate heat: supersaturated solution and air-activated. These work by using heat to force a sealed environment to change form. A hand warmer contains sodium acetate, dissolved in water. It is a thick plastic bag with some viscous liquid in it and a metal disc. If you would like to see the process and have the time, you can download this 1.2-megabyte MPEG file and see it happen. Once activated, the pad has available to it a predetermined amount of energy. I have recently bought some rechargable hand warmers, They consist of a plastic sleeve that is filled with gel and a metal disc the size of a one pence piece.

Some say heat in boiling water for 5 Min's, some say 10 Min's. The Chemical Reactions That Make Hand Warmers Heat Up.

Boiling a reusable hand warmer will melt the sodium acetate; once the hand warmer is cooled, the sodium acetate will remain in liquid form until the metal disk in the hand warmer is clicked, which will trigger recrystallization. Product review It was very easy to active the hand-warmer. Flexing the metal disc in the liquid creates a chain reaction causing the solution to crystallize (freeze if you like). Share. It will use this energy to increase the temperature of the pad to 54 degrees centigrade and use whatever is left to maintain that temperature. it gives out heat. How do sodium-acetate heat pads work?

If you’ve ever used the bulkier, but reusable hand warmers, they work a bit differently. Hand warmers work since there are a super saturated solution of a simple salt - sodium thiosulphate or something similar. NEXT PAGE . In any case you should be leaving them until the crystals have dissolved. The solution crystallises readily. Flicking the metal disc provides a nucleation site for the sodium salt to start to crystallise which it does very rapidly and the crystallisation is highly exothermic i.e. Well, since you use a generic term “Hand Warmers”, I can only think of three types and none uses electricity.