October is in the COOL & DRY Galapagos season, so expect cloudy skies, cooler temperatures, and dry weather. The weather on the Galápagos Islands in October starts getting warmer again, but it's still colder compared to the winter months. Remember to use sun protection, as it is easy to burn even under … Expect daily temperatures around 75 °F with water temperatures around 73 °F. Activities in the Galapagos in October… Galapagos Islands in October Galapagos Weather in October. Head out on one of the uninhabited island tours to … October … The lowest annual temperatures fall in August and September , so October … Although there's never a bad time to visit the Galapagos Islands, October is ideal for those looking for cooler temperatures and gorgeous natural landscapes.

Though considered the shoulder season in the Galapagos, one of the best reasons to visit in September or October are for the sea lion pups. Also referred to as the cool or dry season, this period stretches from July to December and is characterized by low rainfall … The Galapagos Islands in October are in the midst of the Garúa (‘misty’) season. Weather. In October Galapagos wildlife is pretty active. Galapagos weather in October is slightly warmer than in September... Galapagos Wildlife in October.