1 Comment By Alexandra Mondalek July 11, 2019 05:18 Multiple designers incorporated the traditionally feminine footwear collections for the Spring/ Summer 2020 season, signalling a shift away from chunky sneakers. Flatts the Flounder is a flounder who first appears as a cameo in "Sandy's Rocket," where he was one of SpongeBob's "alien hunting" victims.He also makes another minor appearance in "Texas," where he attended Sandy's Texas party.His only major appearance, however was in "The Bully," joins Mrs. Flats' Dad is only seen in the episode The Bully.He, of course, is the dad of Flats the Flounder.Flats acts as if his dad is his own responsibility, saying "Dad, what did I tell you about talking to strangers?"

His eyes are aligned near-vertically at the top of his face. He, like SpongeBob, is afraid of Flats kicking his butt.Revealed by him saying "Now he's going to kick my butt!"
From L-R: ballet flats Dries Van Noten, Thom Browne, Dries Van Noten | Source: INDIGITAL.TV Share. Flats had green scales, he had a very big body, he wore an orange colored shirt with a green stripe and a green collar, and some brown pants. SpongeBob; His dad (when he talks to strangers) Looks. His dad; Mrs. Share. Puff's boating school and wants to "kick SpongeBob's butt." Are Ballet Flats the New Dad Sneakers? Flounder; Brian Flounder; Howard; Evelyn; Nancy Suzy Fish; John Known Friend(s) Patrick Enemies.

Flounder fishing tournament that will debute on May 1st. Enjoy the trailer of the Season 5 Episode of "Who's Your Flattie Daddy?"