As pollution, climate change, and overfishing deplete their catch, fishermen of Gujarat and Diu are often forced to wade deeper into the sea and risk entering Pakistani waters. Over the years, the Sri Lankan authorities have arrested fishermen on the charge of trespassing into their waters and seized their boats, crippling their livelihood, Mr. … Fishermen who are all going to Gujarat are not like Korlaiah. Orsini, it seems, does not fully grasp the opportunistic concept behind the popular Spanish proverb, “fishermen make their day in troubled waters.” In other words, where water is much troubled, there is much fish to be had. One day he fell ill there was no first aid in the boat and by the time he The financial crunch and livelihood loss encountered by fishermen due to the floods are not something new for them, as they are accustomed to the vagaries of the industry due to price fluctuations … "My father Chinna Rao was working on a boat in Gujarat. Residents of the coastal fishing town of Huangqi about 150 kilometers (93 miles) to the north make their own appeals to the sea gods. As China slashes prices, Diu fishermen find themselves in troubled waters The troubles for the fishermen began in August, when India and China agreed to end their Doklam face-off and pull back troops. This limits the fishermen’s abilities to sell their produce. People are back to square one to rebuild their lives, while the fishermen folk also continue to move on with their lives, and its attendant problems. Many of them have not given up hope. In a fishing village in Karachi, families of fishermen who went missing and are reportedly in Indian jails await their return since many years. Some of them are losing their lives also. For months, villager Lin Qianzun has spent his free time building the three-metre tall head of a Taoist sea deity who is worshipped for protecting fishermen in defiance of heavenly rules.