The buddy-buddy stage is an art form of innuendos, temptation avoidance, and tap dancing around the 600 lb. That stage of a relationship which comes right before the “friends with privileges” stage. When utilizing this system, the male victim will shout out "BUDDY!" and in turn the nearest member(s) of the buddy chain will come to his rescue. They may go up to old Brokeback a few times a year and will refer to each other as their "fishing buddy" as a cover.

To learn more about what data we collect and your privacy options, see our What two homosexuals engaged in an affair may call each other when they both simultaneously have heterosexual spouses and children back at home and do not want them to know about the gay affair; OR they just don't want anyone else to know that they are together and gay. a condescending, demeaning nickname guys use for other guys they pity or feel more influential over. This stage generally lasts for 60 days or less, when finally the right opportunity or occasion allows for a heightening of the buddy-buddy stage.

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A system used between two or more men to help aid them in the event they are caught in an uncomfortable member of the opposite sex, particularly an unattractive and/or obese female during a party situation. pink elephant in the room.