Directed by Aleksey Balabanov. It is a low-budget, skeletal film that uses resourcelessness and simplicity to its advantage by taking the crime-thriller/gangster film and stripping the story down to wanderings into violence. We are pleased to read you enjoyed our quick delivery times. Brother is one of the most popular contemporary, Post-Soviet Russian films. "Brother" is a film that speaks directly to Russians (especially the urban population) about the time period directly following the fall of the Soviet Union.

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excellent. We are saddened to read you were unhappy with our returns policy, I will pass this over to our team and ensure the policy is reviewed. Jul 8, 1997 wide. On Disc/Streaming: Nov 19, 2002 ... and in the end takes over brothers position and sends his brother home to aging mother. It also suggests the Russian disillusionment with the Chechen War (well, the first one of the 1990s). With Sergey Bodrov, Viktor Sukhorukov, Svetlana Pismichenko, Mariya Zhukova. This was a lawless time, full of uncertainty about everything including whether your life would be ended by a random criminal on the street. His brother is a gangster and a killer, and he puts Danila into this criminal world asking him to kill someone. An ex-soldier with a personal honor code enters the family crime business in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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