Hera sighed. We believe marketing and public relations plan development, execution, and measurement can be made simple for business owners—once they have the right resources in place. Now 50 words of Kaurna have been included and voiced by Mr Buckskin on a new Indigenous language mapping project called 50words.online. The floodwaters flowed. We hope that this will be a useful resource for schools and educational organisations to learn 50 words in their local languages, and for the general public to discover the diversity of languages around Australia. The 50 words project aims to provide fifty words in every Indigenous language of Australia. 50 Words LLC 50 Words was founded to help businesses of all sizes and in all stages of business life cycles avoid making unnecessary communications mistakes – a costly waste of time and resources. The underworld gained eight billion souls. But I’ll miss those goofballs. “Yes, they’re irredeemable. February 17, 2020 Amusing, Submissions apocalypse, funny, Greek gods, humanity, Jen Mierisch, love, war. Their bridges, computers, M A S*H… Genius.” The trident swung.

Poseidon drew the short straw.