This provides one with the ability to find their 1-rep max and easily program percentages based off of those 1-rep maxes.

How to Calculate Your One Rep Max, Explained by a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Let's assume you can raise 220 pounds on the bent-over row for ten reps, with good form.
One Rep Max Calculator. There are multiple formulas for predicting 1RM, so this calculator could vary slightly with other ones, since the formula used may differ.

All you have to do for the 1RM calculator to work is to input the weight lifted and the number of repetitions and then choose the formula … 1 Rep Max Chart. You can measure strength in many different ways but the king of them all is the One Repetition Max (1RM) – how much weight you can maximally lift for one full repetition. Find your 1RM for any lift using this calculator.

However, that could also screw with your program and slow your progress, because of how it taxes your body. Simply type in the maximum you can lift for a certain amount of reps and the calculator will predict your 1RM, your 1-Rep Max along with your 3RM, 6RM, 10RM and 12RM.
It’s also used to find out how much you should lift in other rep ranges. The 1 rep max is defined as the amount of weight one person can lift in a single repetition. Your one-rep max … By WheyProteinIsolate - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link. The Epley 1 Rep Max Formula calculator computes the one repetition max using the Epley formula, the weight lifted and the number of repetitions.. (r) This is the number of repetitions achieved.One Rep Max (1RM): The calculator returns the One Repetition Maximum in pounds. Calculate your one-rep max (1RM) for any lift. The most accurate way to know your 1RM is to actually get under a barbell and test it. 1RM Calculation with an example. This value is suggestive for the estimate of the maximum strength of a weight lifter. Your 1-rep max is the most weight you can lift once for an exercise. This helps us not only to measure the one-rep max, but also other loads, which includes your 70% 1RM, 55% 1RM, or 85% 1RM, depending on the requirements of your program. INSTRUCTIONS: Choose weight units and enter the following: (w) This is the weight lifted.